I'm Frances, the creator behind The Rosy Owl. I've always been a creative type of lady - and when I say creative I'm talking all kinds of creations; gardening, baking, home decor, etc. I believe creativity can be shown in a variety of ways and we should let that creativity shine bright.

I started The Rosy Owl, honestly, before I even knew it was The Rosy Owl. It was during a difficult time in my life where I needed a creative outlet just for myself. I'll spare you the details and then one thing led to another and here we are now! 😃 One of my dreams manifesting right before my eyes!

So, I have one goal in mind here: to create and have fun doing it!

Creativity is meant to be fun, inspiring and most importantly, non-judgmental. Sometimes it can feel vulnerable to show off your creativity but let's push passed that. I hope that you feel inspired here and get that creative bug working. This is a safe space for all types of crafters/creatives -- beginners, veterans, or those that are looking for a completely new creative outlet.

I hope you love my designs and have fun creating! Now let's get crafty!



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